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As the weather gets colder and colder, and christmas creeps closer and closer, the wardrobe reshuffle begins. Fetching the wooly coats and wellies down from the loft is one of my favourite winter traditions. However, each winter I treat myself to the perfect winter boot. Last year I had some lovely leather chelsea boots from New Look, and although they served their purpose: a year on they’re getting a bit worn. Which means its’s shopping time!

Here are a bunch of boots you can get on the high street. From chelsea boots, to leather fringed boots and crocodile print galore, the world is really your boot-oyster, or should I say the high street is!

There are also many colours and textures on sale. First of all decide what kind of fit you want, above the ankle, low rise or mid-calf, then decide on your colour. There will always be black boots available, so why not venture out and try a burgundy colour or even a dark tan.


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