Five NYE outfits fit for the occasion

Family party
dress: Ever Ours £28, shoes: Urban Outfitters £35
Night in with your friends
dress: Quiz £20, shoes: New Look £19.99
Outdoor events
coat: Ebay £30, snood: Primark £5, boots: Ebay £17.99
Night at the club
dress: Mango £24.99, shoes: Boohoo £29.99
Night at the local
dress: Primark £5, boots: Boohoo £29.99, cardigan: New Look £28.99

New Years Eve, fashion’s most enthralling and glorified night of the year. Everybody wants to enter the New Year looking as flawless and fabulous as the last, but it’s not always as easy as pulling on a sequined bodycon and sky-high heels. 2015 is fastly approaching and we want to help you make your 2015 entrance a gorgeous one, with the perfect outfit for five different New Years occasions.


When you’re spending New Years with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and pets, it’s easy to slightly overdress and earn yourself the “oh love, aren’t you cold?” remark from dear old grandma. It’s pretty safe to say your best outfit choice is probably not a tight skirt and sky-high heels. It’s easy to feel gorgeous at a family party and still hear your beloved nana tell you how much you remind her of her at that age. All you need is a bit of colour in your dress, some tights for the warmth and a pair of little booties for that extra pinch of quirky.

Dress: Ever Ours £28             Shoes: Urban Outfitters £35


It’s not uncommon to want to spend the final night of the year surrounded by friends in the comfort of your own home. However, doing so doesn’t quite justify throwing on some comfies and throwing your hair on top of your head. A bright floral pattern dress is an ideal combination of comfortable yet show-stopping. Pair that up with some black tights and little brown brogues for some extra comfort and you’re onto a New Year winner.

Dress: Quiz £20     Shoes: New Look £19.99


Fireworks, bonfires, London Eye or the streets of Hogmanay, you will need to put warmth before glam in the bitter cold winter nights, yet that does not mean to replace glam all together. Woolly black tights, thick fur-lined ankle-boots and a black woollen snood is quite possibly the warmest and most fashionable combination out there. Throw in a pastel pink fur-lined coat for a colour boost and you are looking like the Carrie Bradshaw of the freezing outdoors.

Coat: Ebay £30      Snood: Primark £5                  Boots: Ebay £17.99


Bling, bling, and lots more bling. It’s New Years Eve and you can shine brighter than Simon Cowell’s teeth under a spotlight. A loose black dress with a statement collar works like a dream accompanied with statement red platforms. This look is not only elegantly demure, but oozing class and New Years sparkle.

Dress: Mango £24.99           Shoes: Boohoo £29.99


Depending on your local, it’s not always ideal to swan through the front door in a floor-length gown covered in glitter. You can, however, stand out in the crowd without being an odd one out. Celebrating in your local pub does not require the six hours of make-up and three layers of tan like a nightclub does. Simply work your glamour with a metallic green dress covered in lace to cut a gorgeous figure of elegance, paired with some black ankle boots and a fluffy black cardigan for extra comfort.

Dress: Primark £5                   Boots: Boohoo: £29.99         Cardigan: New Look £28.99


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