FN Style Diaries: Alessia Lawrence


“I prefer to be comfy – so jeans, and either some funky trainers or a t-shirt are perfect for me as long as there’s some flare injected somewhere. In this case it’s the raw hem on the jeans and the rose gold shoes.”

Coat – Primark

Hoodie – Converse

Top – Adidas

Jeans – ASOS

Shoes – Reebok



“Being a bit girly, when you’re more of a tomboy in your style, is OK too. I love the classic look of athleisure but I can let that go when I want some attention – without being overly ‘look at me’. Short skirts are a bit awkward on me because they always rise up and look daft. Then there’s the matter of the freezing cold weather, and finding the right tights for the skirt – that, surprise surprise, are in the wash.  This airy, longer dress shows your legs without you feeling self conscious and it’s cute for the day.”

Dress – River Island

Shoes – ASOS

Bag – Zara


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