Hair Trend: Glitter Roots

Photo credit: Hannah Boozer

Photo credit: Hannah Boozer

What’s not to love about a beauty trend that involves making your hair glitter? Especially when it is so easy to do!

The glitter root trend is dominating Pinterest and Instagram, and is the perfect hairstyle for a party of festival. Inject some sparkle into your look and jazz up any hairstyle. Whether it’s a simple ponytail or french plaits, add some glitz to your crowning glory!

But how do you achieve the look? Victoria Brown, who works at The Black Door Hairdressing in Sunderland, says: “We use a clear hair gel mixed with different colours and sizes of glitter depending on the look we want, then we apply it to the hair using a tint brush.”

A simple yet effective way of creating a statement sparkling hairstyle! Will you be trying the glitter roots trend? Tweet us your pictures at @Fashion_North!



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