How to re-use mascara wands


We’ve all gone through that heart breaking stage when your mascara is drying up or running out, you try to salvage and scrape the rest of it out just for a few more uses because you love the brush.

Well what if we told you that you didn’t have to get rid of your mascara wand? There are so many different uses for it, so save your money and don’t throw them away.
The best way to clean up and salvage your favourite mascara wand it to use a make-up wipe to remove all of the leftover or dried mascara on the wand. You can also use hot water to rinse off any dried clumps of mascara.
Mascarsa wand
With a fresh clean wand, you can now use it for all sorts of money saving make-up ideas:
1. Use it to comb through and separate lashes
2. Use it to apply a new mascara if the previous brush doesn’t do your lashes justice. Or, reuse want from more expensive mascaras with cheaper mascara.
3. Use it to comb and shape your eyebrows without having to go out and buy an expensive eyebrow kit.

4. Taming fly-aways in your hair.
5. Use the wand to apply hair dye when sorting out your roots for precision.
6. Cleaning jewellery.

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