How to wear nude clothing without looking naked

Kim K

I congratulate anyone who wears skin coloured clothing and feels good about it, I’m looking at you Mrs Kim Kardashian-West and your constant need to match every outfit to your flesh, bravo!

On the right skin tone it can look amazing, but when it matches too closely to your skin then you have an issue. When I see people wearing muted coloured clothing I usually take a double take thinking they’ve forgotten their trousers or top. My brain just instantly assumes you’re naked and no one has told you which means you have awful friends and I feel bad you.

I may hate nude clothing but nude accessories I’m completely into. I have any number of aunatural shades of nail varnishes, lipsticks, shoes and bags but not clothing. I mainly don’t like nude on myself, I don’t suit it and I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I’m the woman who likes colourful clothing but will always ask does it come in black?

The main problem I have with nude clothing is a lot of people wear the wrong shade. They match it to their actual skin tone rather than complimenting it. Lets face it, some nude colours will suit others better than they may suit yourself and that’s ok, though, life won’t stop because you look ridiculous in that neutral toned Stella McCartney dress that Lupita Nyong’o to the Producers Guild Awards in January.

One thing I will admit is that nude colours can look romantic and a little flirty. Lace combined with nude is one of the sexiest looks a woman can wear in my opinion, but keep it to a romantic date, not when you’re shopping. And please stay away from flesh coloured jeans and leggings, there will never be a time or a place for them. Never.

If you think nude might be your colour, here’s a few clothing and make-up items that won’t make you look semi naked and are on trend this season.

nude clothing

Topshop cloak | Zara jumpsuit | Select jumper

nude make up

H&M nail varnish | Barry M lipstick | Miss Selfridge clutch bag


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