Why I’d never brave the bob

Frankie Sandford arriving at the Mind Mental Health Media Awards, at the BFI Southbank, London.

Picture by: Dominic Lipinski / PA Archive/PA Images

I thought about going for the chop in 2008, at the time of The Saturday’s ‘If This Is Love’ debut single. I remember people raving about how nice Frankie Sandford’s hair was and I wanted it. I toyed with the idea for weeks but when my friend did it before me, I felt I’d been saved.

I gave the excuse that I couldn’t have the same as her but really I was just not daring enough to try. This became a pattern two years later with Rihanna’s short red locks.

The most adventurous I’ve managed to reach is when I went ombré for 3 years before I went back natural in September. Yet, I’m already eyeing up the cherry bombe style and I wish I had the bravery it takes to try the some of the more adventurous ombrés, such as the new sunset trend or galaxy hair.

I don’t know what it is that stops me just going for it. The colour could just be died back and the length re-grown. Much to my frustration, my hair just doesn’t seem to be growing at the moment. I wouldn’t want to take inches off and then when I want them back (which I would) have to wait what seems like years.

I’m scared to lose any length. I barely even get my hair trimmed and I know it’s bad, but it never feels like just a trim. Instead, you see inches fall to the floor before being swept away and it just hurts.

I think I’d have to make even more visits to keep it so that it remains maintained. It can’t be some in-between stage I try to pass of as a ‘lob’.

Taylor Swift== 2015 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet== MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV== May 17, 2015== Photo - DANIEL TOROK / PatrickMcMullan.com== (PatrickMcMullan.com via AP Images)

Taylor Swift was one of the first to bring back the ‘long-bob’ style. Picture by: DANIEL TOROK / AP/Press Association Images

Then there’s that other thing that has always made me really unsure. Just how do you style it? I think there’s a preconceived idea that short hair is easier, but I doubt it. Now I mean the likes of Cheryl can work anything but I struggle to change up even my longish brown locks. They are just waved with my GHD’s most of the time and just left natural from the hairdryer.

I think the scariest thing and the main question for many would be; how do I know if I’d suit one anyway? I put the pencil trick to the test to find out.

The pencil test is where you put a pencil horizontal from your chin and the ruler vertical (starting the measurement from the bottom of your ear lobe) to make a 90 degree angle. If the measurement is less than 2.25 inches then you’d suit one. Any more then that and you’re most likely best giving it a miss.

Well, my result shows only just NO! Not that I’d be rushing to the hairdressers requesting the chop anytime soon anyway. This just makes me feel better I never dared to try.

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