iPhone 6s Cases Every Girl Needs

Phone cases


With your phone being one of the most precious and valuable items in your handbag, having a case to protect it is a necessity. But this phone case can’t be any old phone case, a lot of time and effort goes into finding the perfect one as they seem to represent you. Spotting a girl holding her phone with the words ‘Because cats’ plastered across the back, automatically tells you she’s a crazy cat lady or if it’s covered in pizza, you know she’s a regular Dominos customer.

Phone cases come in all kinds of wacky and wonderful shapes, here are the best 8 phone cases Fashion North have discovered.

1. Be a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios – bloomingdales.com (£21)

2. Sunset – Jigsaw (£25)

3. Cactus – Urban Outfitters (£17)

4. Dinosaur print – Topshop (£12)

5. Shark – Stella Mcartney (£40)

6. Blue floral print – Jigsaw (£25)

7. Striped, love heart – Selfridges (£20)

8. Moschino fries – Moschino (£45)


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