Is the Silisponge going to take the place of your trusty BeautyBlender?

Chicken fillet or the next cult beauty product?

Silisponge, a clear silicone sponge designed to blend liquid makeup, has taken the internet by storm this week.

After launching five days ago it has already sold out multiple times and appeared all over social media feeds.

Follow @mollycosmetics

Follow @mollycosmetics

It’s designed to blend liquid products from foundation to cream bronzer, blusher and highlight. Due to it’s none porous surface it doesn’t absorb product meaning you’ll use less and your make-up products will last longer.

The Silisponge seems to answer all of the problems us beauty lovers have with more traditional sponges like the BeautyBlender, including that it’s super easy to clean! If you can get over the fact it looks like something you’d shove in your bra then it’s worth testing out – it costs less than a tenner too.

Molly Cosmetics, a indie brand from Hong Kong launched this year by to BFFS, is responsible for this sponge blowing up on the internet. They launched the sponge online five days and it’s already on it’s fourth restock!!

Pre-order it here and follow @mollycosmetics on Instagram for stock updates.


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