Know Your Lemons X Boohoo: The Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

It’s officially October and that means it’s breast cancer awareness month – an incredibly important month! Know Your Lemons Foundation (a global breast cancer charity) has collaborated with Boohoo to raise awareness and money. Their collaboration has now dropped, and it’s made up of underwear, loungewear/pyjamas, t-shirts and accessories and 100% of the profits go to the charity.

In order to gain a greater understanding of the cause, and to raise awareness ourselves, we spoke to Know Your Lemons’ CEO Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont (aged 41), to find out more about the collection and how important this collaboration is.

Awareness and education are crucial when it comes to breast cancer as Corrine states: “I think we are aware of breast cancer, but we aren’t very knowledgeable about it when it comes to what we need to do to detect it early. When found early, survival rates are almost 100%. When found late and it spreads outside of the breast, it becomes terminal. Early detection really is the biggest factor in saving lives.”

She then continued to say: “Every 15 seconds around the world a woman is told, “You have breast cancer”. Every five minutes, six women die from the disease. It’s important to know what is normal for your breasts. You are the only person who knows your body the best and can report when something has changed. There are 12 signs of breast cancer that we explain in detail on our Know Your Lemons app.”

In efforts to raise awareness, Know Your Lemons has collaborated with the well-known fashion brand Boohoo. When asked about why they chose to work with a fashion brand to educate and raise awareness, she said: “Fashion brands are a great way to reach audiences who like to know what is up-and-coming. We are a brand for breast cancer awareness that is fashion-forward in the way we approach education. We are the most inclusive campaign for breast cancer ever created and have reached almost one billion people online with our work!”

It’s fair to say that that this charity has caught many women’s attention as their collection with Boohoo is all over social media as it has been shared with celebrity Malin Andersson and influencer Kate Yuille.

The collection is a comfy selection of underwear, pyjamas and t-shirts. When asked about her own personal favourites from the collection, Corrine said: “It would be a tie between the pink Know Your Lemons t-shirt and the yellow striped pyjamas with the eye mask!”


At Fashion North some of our favourites are:






The simple and colourful collection is filled with essentials that we can enjoy all year round. Tweet us @Fashion_North showing us products you have bought and love.


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