The Emotional Roller Coaster of Purchasing the Kylie Lip Kit


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Anxiously waiting for Kylie to restock her Lip Kit and religiously checking her app and all of her social media accounts became a way of life for me last week. When she finally put me out of my misery and posted a time and date on her app, I prepared my laptop, phone and iPad ready to try my luck at getting a sacred Lip Kit.

A minute passed since she restocked and everything was running smoothly, I’d successfully ‘added to cart’ and I had my hopes up, that was up until I clicked checkout and it happened… the website crashed.

After a week of sleepless nights waiting to purchase the Lip Kit, it had all come to a disastrous end and I was devastated, that was until I checked my emails and had not one but two confirmation emails!

The site had crashed for nine minutes and I’d placed my order twice but, it was okay, I finally got my hands on Candy K and Dolce K – the ultimate nude of all nude lipsticks!

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The Lip Kit came a week later as it was shipped from the US and it is delivered in a black box. Inside the box you get a personalised card from Kylie along with the Lip Kit which includes a liquid matte lipstick with a lip liner; the perfect combo to achieve Kylie’s iconic pout!

When I first opened the lipsticks, apart from the amazing shades of nude, I noticed how nice it smells; It smelt really familiar and after racking my brain, and Googling a little, I came to the conclusion that it smells just like Werthers original caramel sweets.

After getting over how nice it smelt I finally got to apply the lip kip, step one is to apply the liner, it’s really easy to apply and to maintain it stays sharp you can use any liner sharpener which you can buy at any drugstore or makeup counter.

Then step two is of course, apply the lipstick! It goes on like a regular gloss but then works it’s Kylie magic and mattes up almost instantly- which I love! It doesn’t feel heavy or dry on your lips either, it feels like you aren’t wearing any lipstick what so ever. The formula is things of magic!

We all know Kylie’s lips are more famous than her nowadays due to their increase in size and the Lip Kit promises to do just that to your own – just not as dramatic!

We’ve all seen adverts full of false promises about lipsticks staying on for hours but even after taking precaution and using a straw to sip your drink on a night out; your lips are left with a bare lip ombre effect.

However, trust me when I say, the Kylie Lip Kit does not budge. The first time I used it I’m guilty for falling asleep in it just to wake up with Kyliefied lips and I did just that! But it can be easily taken off with a make-up wipe!

On a night out, if you’re the girl who keeps disappearing to the toilet to reapply your lipstick then this is the lipstick for you! Keep an eye out for the next restock; Kylie will be posting on her app and/or social media very soon!

Friday’s 😋 @lipkitbykylie

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