Meet one girl who turns old clothes into new trends

It was last summer when Abbey discovered her talent. The now 20-year-old said: “I didn’t really have many summer clothes and I didn’t really want to go out and spend loads of money. I had a few pairs of jeans in the wardrobe and I thought well I don’t really wear these so I might as well try and make shorts out of them.”

Since then, Miss Green has created many unique designs, which include taking an old baggy T-Shirt and cutting it up to create a fabulous, modern crop top.

Other designs include ripped jeans, kimonos, dresses and even just cutting some sleeves off of an old top to give it a fresh up-to-date look.

As a production worker at TOFFS Ltd, Abbey has developed such a passion for designing clothes that she wants to pursue a career in design: “I’ve been looking at doing design at university and all I need to do is create a portfolio. I’ve got all these designs I’ve made and plan on creating a lot more and hopefully I can get into university so I can do what I love which is design.”

Danielle Mcmenemy, mother-of-three and Abbey’s friend, said: “I have been friends with abbey for years now. She is so talented at what she does and I always encourage her to go into design.

“Having two children I can’t always afford to buy myself new clothes and she has definitely helped change my wardrobe with just a pair of scissors.”


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