Must Have Winter Accessories

This winter is set to be one of the coldest here in the North East that we’ve had in a while. With the snow arriving already it’s definitely time to get yourself wrapped up and the way to do this is choosing the right winter accessories that match your favourite winter outfits.

The Scarves 

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I’d say that scarves are the most important winter accessory as they can complete an outfit. Whether your rocking it with your winter coat or the wooliest jumper you own, a scarf can make or break your winter outfit. This year tartan is back, however, most retailer’s have opted for mustard, deep red and navy; not the typical tartan we’re use to seeing. With the 70s trend still on shop floor’s the new tartan colours are perfect for adding a pop to a plain jumper or coat.

Fur never goes out of fashion. To add some texture this winter a fur scarf is a step in the right direction. They also keep you exceptionally warm.

The Gloves

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To me, gloves are always just there because you need them when it’s absolutely freezing outside, I’ve never really seen them as a statement winter accessory until this year. I particularly edge more towards leather gloves for their practicality when driving because mittens can be slightly dangerous behind the wheel. Leather, woollen or material, it doesn’t matter, overall a stylish pair of gloves has to have the right design or no design otherwise they can just seem like a boring old pair. If you have a pair of gloves with a fur trim or pompom design, you’re already on trend to being super stylish this winter.

The Hats

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You can never go wrong with a bit of faux fur! Fur head bands were seen everywhere last christmas, but this year, retailer’s seem to be stepping up and giving us a wider range of colours. Brown is definitely winning over black but a deep purple or navy would add a perfect pop to a minimalistic outfit.

If your wanting that extra bit of warmth this year why not try a Russian or deer-stalker style hat, like these from New Look and H&M, they are destined to make every cold day a smaller struggle.

Normally I see ear muffs as quite a novelty piece of winter wear especially when they have a christmas design on them. Black or brown are the only colours this year that I would say were fashion forward. If you want to stay on trend this winter why not try them out or, if in doubt, stick with a bobble hat.

That extra step

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Whether your channeling your inner princess, being a minimalistic goddess or wanting to add a bit of glam to your accessories; you definitely need something to keep you dry. Never leave without an umbrella, your outfit could be ruined in seconds.

What winter accessories are you swearing by this Christmas? Tweet us a picture to  @Fashion_North



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