The new hot thing? Naming your baby after an Instagram filter

Picture by: Rui Vieira / PA Archive/PA Images

Picture by: Rui Vieira / PA Archive/PA Images

Yes, you did read that correctly, Instagram filters are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to parents naming their babies.

This year has seen a rise in unusual baby names with parents and expecting parents hoping to be as unique as possible. It isn’t unusual to hear of babies being named after their parents favourite singer or actor, however naming them after a social media filter comes as a surprise.

Gail McLean, mum of five children, said: “As a mum of five, I have never used Instagram filters when choosing my children’s names nor have I used baby centre tools such as popular girls or boys names.

“I feel it’s a personal choice. The idea of my child growing older with a name such as Moon or Lux horrifies me.

“In 30 years time there is going to be a generation of children with names which will mean nothing to them as it was a trend at the time to name your child after your favourite photo.

“All of my children have names which mean something to me. I use family names or modernised versions of family names; my daughter was named after my partner’s sister, Andrea, who had sadly passed away, we modernised this to Rhea.”

While traditional names such as Olivia, Emily, Jack and Harry remain high up in the ranks, names such as Juno, Valencia and Willow have made their way into the top 100 baby names for 2015.

28-year-old mum of two, Rebecca Robinson, said: “I wouldn’t personally call my child after something like an Instagram filter. Some of the filters aren’t actually that bad though, Juno and Willow especially.”

While we can deal with meeting the occasional Lux, Willow or Amaro, somehow we don’t think naming your baby Gingham or X-Pro II will be quite as forgivable!

We wonder what crazy name trend will be next.

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