Our top picks for the 90s retail resurgence

By Olivia Carling

From checked skirt sets to strappy heels, the nineties fashion trends are back. Is this the one fashion trend that will never die?

Checked skirt sets are one of the iconic fashion trends of the nineties. Many retailers now sell these sets as they’re increasingly becoming trendy and every girl wants to get her hands on the stylish co-ords.

Credit – Asos

Clueless’ Cher Hororwitz is one fashion icon of the decade who totally rocked the checked skirt sets. She could be the reason as to why so many people are now wearing the plaid skirts.

Give the nineties some love with these on-trend strappy sandals. Strappy heels are also making a style comeback. Most girls love these trendy heels and they are also renowned for being fairly comfy and they have a rather elegant look to them. These sandals embody summer-cocktail-party chic whilst sustaining a cool edge that will have you blend into any summer social group.

The late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy cemented her spot as a nineties fashion icon, and it goes without saying that everything she wore then was undeniably cool – even her footwear! She wore strappy sandals back then, similar to the ones becoming popular again today.

Another fashion trend coming back is (SORRY!!!) the scrunchie. Scrunchies are seen as a very important accessory in everyday life. They can be worn around the wrist and used to quickly shove your hair into a pony tail. The Spice Girls were renowned for their love of scrunchies, along with most of the people living in the 90’s. Bobbles are seen as boring compared to scrunchies. Scrunchies are bold, colourful and out there, much like the nineties. Hailey Baldwin was born in 1996, which means she missed half of the first scrunchie phase. I’m glad they’re back now, for her sake.

Credit – Amazon

Denim. Everything can be denim. Denim skirts, denim dresses, denim jackets and denim tops. Denim was a huge look back then and it is in our society now. It has come back, or maybe it never left? Almost everyone has worn something denim in their lifetime, it’s second nature and a totally cool fashion trend. It just happens to be a fashion trend originated in the nineties.

Credit – New Look

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