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High Brow Bar

Eyebrows are a pretty important feature on a persons face, I mean, imagine a face with no eyebrows. Even worse, imagine a face with bad eyebrows. That’s where Jamie-Lea from High Brow Bar comes to my rescue.

I wouldn’t say that my eyebrows were the worst in the world. Granted, I don’t really look after them. I’ve never taken a pair of tweezers to them and I certainly haven’t ever done anything drastic with them. At best, I’d fill them in with a brow powder I once got free at a blogger event. Tragic, I know. And if I’m honest I’ve always wanted those beautiful Cara Delevingne brows that you see on Pinterest. You know, the type that you can only dream of. Could I ever achieve them?

It was a muggy Monday morning when I stepped into High Brow Bar. On the corner of Roker Avenue and Gladstone Street sits Fitness 2000 and tucked away into a little corner is Jamie-Lea Church and her High Brow Bar. Greeted with a giant smile, I was instantly put at ease.

After questions about what I usually do with my brows Jamie-Lea talked me through her recommendations and what she thought would suit me best. She wanted to shape them and tint them to a colour that would still match my hair and she made me feel completely comfortable with the full process.

Jamie-Lea cares about a person’s brow more than I’ve ever seen. She freely admitted the night before she’d stayed awake until 1am searching the internet for quotes about brows. She eats, sleeps and breathes eyebrows. If that’s not a lady on a mission, I don’t know what is.

Getting started, she calmed my nerves with a bit of chatter, telling me about how excited she was for her new brow uniform to arrive and how she came to own her lovely eyebrow bar. Smiling she expertly applied the wax and before I knew it, it was done, before I could even begin to think of the pain. Finishing my brows Jamie-Lea held up a mirror and I’ve honestly never been happier.

The shape of my eyebrows were nothing short of beautiful. I’d never felt this good about a feature on my face. The angles weren’t too harsh or too soft – they were just right. The type of brows you lust after from the ladies in magazines. And what’s even better? It’s been three days and my gorgeous eyebrow shape is still there. The eyebrow tint Jamie-Lea used hasn’t disappeared, it hasn’t even faded a little. It’s still going strong three days on. So well in fact, that I haven’t bothered to touch my eyebrows for the past three days.

Eyebrows of my dreams? Nah, those eyebrows are a reality.


Don’t believe me? I also asked some students who’ve used High Brow Bars wonderful service.

Shannon Hodge:

“After months and months of avoiding getting my eyebrows done because I feared threading/a beautician giving me an awful shaped brow, I came across High Brow Bar on Facebook. I loved the way they arched the brow to give the HD brow effect without the HD brow price tag. So, after booking in for a brow tint and wax, I was excited to finally have a little shape and colour to my untamed, unusually-light brows. Needless to say, I was extremely happy with the result and happy to see that they are now visible even without drawing the brows in! I will definitely be returning in future and would advise anyone in a brow dilemma to go and see Jamie!”

Paige Mooney:

“I am extremely fussy when it comes to my brows as I like to keep them thick and defined but Jamie-Lea did a great job. She is very friendly and chatty, which made me feel comfortable with her. She had the job done even before I could feel the sting of the wax strip. It is evident that she is passionate about wowing brows and loves her job. I had so many compliments about the shape of my eyebrows afterwards and I would definitely recommend her services.”

To book an appointment at High Brow Bar you can get in contact with Jamie-Lea through her Facebook page here. You’ll also get a newsfeed full of brow-inspiration and love, bonus!

A wax and tint at High Brow Bar costs £12.50.


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