Sally Minns: styling, studios and success

Sally Minns is a Northeast Fashion Stylist and business owner, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She has worked with many popular brands during this time, including ASOS and Barbour, and is now a proud owner of Good Day Studio. In this exclusive interview, learn more about Sally’s career, and gain tips on how to work towards a successful career in the fashion industry.

Picture credit: Sally Minns – The Beautiful North Creatives.

Sally made her first step into the fashion world when she attended university to study fashion promotion with styling, although her love for fashion began when she was much younger, Sally said: “From being tiny I always loved fashion. My mam would take me on shopping trips to London all the time growing up and I would always read her fashion magazines. I worked in a fashion store when I was 17 and loved it. I always knew I wanted to do something within fashion but was never 100% sure on what role would suit me best. I decided I wanted to be a fashion stylist in my last year of my A-Levels, and everything just fell into place from there.”

Although Sally did attend university studying a fashion-based subject, she admits that it did not have a huge impact on her development as a stylist. “I often think that I shouldn’t have gone to uni and interned instead. Everything I know today I learnt on the job, not in a classroom.”

Speaking of internships, Sally worked at ASOS for four years, first as a fashion styling assistant, and then worked for the company as a freelance stylist. Sally shared that this was her favourite place to work for. “ASOS will always be my favourite place, as it was the best steppingstone I could have possibly wished for to get me into the industry. I wouldn’t say my favourite projects I have worked on were when I was at ASOS, but the people I met were so special that I will forever be grateful for the opportunities and support.”

As her career progressed, Sally went on to work for END, Master Debonair, and Barbour – who she still works for today. Sally made the decision to become a freelance stylist in 2014; When she was asked how this compares to working solely for one company, she said: “Being freelance can be daunting, especially at the beginning, but it is so exciting. I can’t describe the buzz you get when you receive an email about a new job. Every week is different, and I look forward to what’s ahead.”

In 2019, Sally deservingly won the Drapers Rising Star Award in the Independent Sector for her dedication in her role as head of creative at Master Debonair. When asked what winning this award meant for her, Sally stated: “Winning a Drapers award was a huge deal for me, it meant so much to be up against an amazing list of creatives and actually win.”

A further honourable mention is that Sally made it onto the Drapers 30 Under 30 Class of 2020, which is the year she created her business – Good Day Studio.

Good Day Studio is a creative studio which offers services including professional studio hire, styling, art direction, equipment hires, and model booking, alongside many more; covering every aspect you may need for any shoot. “I had wanted to open a studio in the Northeast for years, but it was always just a thought. During Covid I thought more and more about it, to the point I actually started to think… I could actually to do this, and in July 2020 I started looking for a space.”

Sally added: “As soon as I thought, ‘right I’m doing this’, I had the studio open within 6 months.”


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This successful business venture really does demonstrate the high level of experience and determination Sally has in her career. She reveals that “meeting new people” is her favourite part of the job. “I have met so many amazing friends through my job and I am super grateful for that.”

So, what exactly is the process that Sally uses for her styling jobs, with a combined experience of over a decade in the industry? “Every job is different, and no two clients are ever the same, but my process doesn’t really change.” She explains.

“I normally start with a styling day at the clients HQ, or we have a meeting on teams. After the meeting, I either see the product that needs to be styled, or I have styling days were I source all the products. I normally have two to three prep days before a shoot.”

Of course, we could not miss the opportunity to ask Sally for any advice she has for someone aspiring to succeed in the fashion industry: “Intern, intern, intern. I can’t express how important this is. Interning offers so much experience and will really help with confidence. The people you meet at the bottom are the ones that help you to the top…remember that.”

Regarding Sally’s plans for the future, she expresses: “I am super excited for 2023 and what it has in store for me and Good Day. Hopefully next year I will meet some new clients and possibly travel more.”

Seeing just how impressive Sally’s career has already been, we have no doubt that there will only be bigger and better opportunities in store for her next.


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