From student recruitment to a business in fashion

Contemporary, fun and elegant; that’s how Anna Rennison describes her latest business venture.

Beginning a career at the University of Sunderland working in student recruitment and internships for six years before going on maternity leave in may 2014, this gave her the opportunity to try something new.

“I always wanted my own clothing site”, Anna explains. “I wanted to target the 18 to 25 market. First, I wanted to have cheaper fashion, but after experimenting with UK wholesalers and carrying out market research with 150 people, I realised that people were willing to pay more for better quality.”

With no contacts within the industry, Anna used the internet to discover potential wholesalers to use, she finally found one in Spain and decided to use them after ordering a few pieces and being impressed by their quality.

“I struck gold with them!” She beams. “They had really amazing quality, so I ordered £4000 worth of stock from them,” needless to say, a very big investment!

Mentor, David Reay, who has worked with Barbour, Marks and Spencer and Jockey, gave the young business-woman some amazing advice in regards to setting up the website.

“In April, I did an eight-week business course which taught me loads of different things, from social media to finance. After I’d completed the course I thought to myself; I can do this!”

The “contemporary, fashion, lifestyle” website, as Anna describes it, is unique in the way that the clothes are photographed against colourful backgrounds in beautiful locations, instead of against plain white, and often, boring looking backgrounds.

Fashionista’s can expect a variety of top trend pieces available on the site for AW15, from suede pieces and smart shirts, to capes for the winter and jumpsuits for a night out, as well as playsuits, woollen dresses and faux leather skirts and jackets.

“I was keen to keep the fashion current and suitable for everyone”, Anna reveals. “I wanted to include outfits which you could wear casually at the weekend and then you can dress them up with a pair of heels and a necklace for a night out.

“It was also important for me to cater to all women, no matter what size you are”, Anna adds. “With the average UK size being a 16, a lot of younger girls think that size 6 and 8 is normal, when its not”.

In the long term, Anna hopes to include pictures of different size models with the clothes on the site.

“I want to use different size models so that if you were a size 8, you click on it and see a size 8 model. If you select a size 14, you will see a size 14 model wearing the clothes. I also want to add catwalk videos as well so that you can see how the outfit looks and flows”.

Lovely Little Me has been a ‘lovely little’ challenge for Anna, she also hopes to grow the website into its own brand with its own manufacturing.

Keep an eye out for the website, which is set to launch at the end of this week with free delivery on the clothes it stocks.

“Whether you are a young professional, student or a young mum, the website caters for what you want, who you are and we are here for you!”

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