Spring menswear fashion

Words by Daniel Parkes

Spring is right around the corner and after last week’s snow, we need some warmer weather. As well as it getting closer to spring, it is also a new year which means that there is going to be a new “in” fashion for men during this year’s spring leading into summer.

Obviously with spring being the time of year when the climate and temperature begins to increase, which means, that clothing will have to get thinner to keep people cooler during the humid temperatures.

We at Fashion North have browsed the internet to find you the best spring wear for the guys.

On the men’s branch of the New Look website, it states that the trends for 2018 are stripes as well as colour block.

Since these are the trends for 2018, if you want to follow the crowd and look stylish, stripes or colour block are the best way to do so. Many of the tops that you can select from the New look website are very stylish and they have made sure to make a top for the spring trend, so that everyone can get a top that falls into their normal style.

As well as t-shirts, hoodies and jackets, you can also find a variety of polo shirts and proper shirts for a smart-casual attire.

The price for this top is £14.99 which is a reasonable price for a bright, colourful spring top.

This burgundy shirt costs £19.99. It is made out of a finer material and is more formal wear than casual wear. Perfect for a meal or a night out.


Another idea for a top you could wear this spring, is a floral top to symbolize the season in which flowers come back to life and the days start getting warmer and lighter. This two tone top is the perfect top for those spring nights and you can also wear it in the summer too.


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