The 3 hot nudes you need this summer!

When doesn’t a nude lipstick or gloss come in handy? Suitable for any time of year, the perfect colour to match any outfit. It is a simplistic look that can still look glam if you know the right nudes, and I am going to share three of my all time favourites.

1) My first nude is a Maybelline gloss in the shade 720 Nude Illusion and let me tell you this is the mother of all glosses! (As you can see, it’s well loved). It’s the perfect colour for paler skin tones and the feel of this gloss on your lips is divine, it’s almost like a lip balm and the texture is amazing and is definitely a HIGH SHINE gloss.

1) Maybelline Gloss in 720 Nude Illusion
2) Revolution matte lipstick
3) Max Factor Max Effect Gloss Cube

2) My second nude is a matte lipstick from Revolution who are known for their dupes of higher end products and if it isn’t good enough that this lipstick retails at £3, then it is identical to MAC’s Kinda Sexy.

3) Last but certainly not least is Max Factor Max Effect Gloss Cube in the shade Chocolate Brown, the colour of this gloss is very true to its name as it is definitely the darker nude out of the three but is perfect for more of a grunge look, or if you have gone a bit OTT on the fake tan…


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