The Evolution of Corsets as seen on Celebs

Some of the most iconic celebrities have all worn the corset.  Here’s our guide to some looks.

Marilyn Monroe 1940-1960

Marilyn Monroe was no stranger in her time to wearing corsets. Renowned for her voluptuous hourglass figure, corsets were what helped define the actress’ shape. At that time, shapewear was seen as an essential part to achieve a slim waist and flat stomach, allowing women to wear pencil skirts corsets, and tight-fit gowns.

Not only was Marilyn Monroe taking advantage of her sleek silhouette at this time, but virtually every bombshell wealthy woman you can think of between 1940 to the 60s wore shapewear to accentuate their figure, Sophia Loren being another.

Dita von Teese 1990

Burlesque dancer and model Dita von Teese loves the 1950s and she is well known for wearing corsets. She said herself she’s been wearing corsets for the past 25 years and that it is truly body modification.

Corsets started to be worn by more women from all classes. Wearing a corset showed that you had wealth and weren’t in poverty but over time that stigma faded.

Dua Lipa 2010-2022

Trendsetter Dua Lipa hopped on the corset wave but put her own spin on the style. The singer took to Instagram and wore a laced-up corset but with the lacing kept loose. This was a styling trick that hasn’t been seen and shows how much fashion has elevated, with many fans copying her style trick. Dua Lipa insisted that we don’t need to bring back ribcage-deforming waist-crushing silhouettes to enjoy aesthetics.

This moodboard shows some of the key looks.


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