The guide to sweaters and knitwear this autumn/winter


Sweater weather is well and truly upon us and I couldn’t be happier. As much as I love all the bright colours, the floral patterns and the short-shorts of summer, there’s nothing that compares to getting cosy in the warmest of jumpers, the fluffiest of socks and the warmest of scarves.

With that in mind, just because it’s winter, it gives us no excuse to pull out or boring, dark clothes and fade away into the background for the next six months. Oh no, during the winter months we have to find different ways to stand out and show off our killer style, and this year it’s with slogans and motifs.

Plastered across T-shirts and vests over summer, they’re back and all over jumpers for winter. I’m all for a Christmas jumper – at Christmas –  but for now, I’m looking for something more chic than cheesy. The Rudolphs and the snowmen can wait another day because this year I’m all about the words on my jumper.

Starting with Topshop, their black knitted sweater has life is boring scrawled across the front in a cutesy handwritten font. I love this jumper, but I can’t help but think it contradicts itself – with this cosy jumper in my life, my life would most certainly not be boring – I’d be thinking up many occasions I can go show my cute jumper off at.

I know I said, in this list there were to be no Christmas jumpers, and although I’m sticking to it, this sweater has a sparkle that is perfect for the Christmas party season. So make sure you RSVP in style to all your nights out, dinners and dates this Christmas with this French Connection sequin jumper.

Next up, Zara, also known as my weakness. This sweater is oversized, an overdosage of cute and if I were to own it: over worn! Reminding you of the colour both to people looking at you, and yourself if you were to look down, this jumper deserves pride place in your wardrobe this winter, no second thoughts about it.

I’m not sure what it is with reminding us about colours this days but this Warehouse jumper is trying its hardest to tell us the jumper is noir, black, but I can tell you it is in fact grey. Gris probably doesn’t have the same effect though does it? The thing I like most about this sweater is the cut – it makes it smart and can easily be dressed up for formal occasions as well as dressed down for more casual events. Multitasking clothes, I like it.

Finally, I began by telling you this list was to include no Christmas jumpers and I’m sticking by my guns with this River Island sweater. Just to make it clear, it even tells you that is this NOT a Christmas jumper which I think is so cute and for £30 for a knitted jumper it’s the best way to stay stylish yet cosy this winter.

What’s your go to jumper this season?


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