They did what?! The craziest celebrity baby names EVER

With Liam Payne letting slip on Tuesday May 2 that he and Cheryl have decided to name their newborn son, Bear Payne, it made us think: What are the weirdest celeb baby names out there?!

We took to the streets of Sunderland with a list of our top 10 CRAZY celeb baby names and asked people what they thought.

See our list below:

  1. Dream Kardashian
  2.  Apple Martin
  3. Saint West
  4. Pilot Inspektor
  5. Sage Moonblood
  6. River Rocket
  7. Sparrow James Midnight
  8. Blue Ivy
  9. Buzz Michelangelo
  10. Bronx Mowgli

Watch people across Sunderland pick their favourite crazy baby name:

After speaking to people they decided Bronx Mowgli son of Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy’s bass guitarist, Pete Wentz, earned the title of craziest celeb baby name!

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