TIGER roars into Sunderland


Mike Davis, far right with Staff of the Sunderland store raring to go.

Mike Davis, far right with Staff of the Sunderland store raring to go.

Earlier this week TIGER, the Danish retail outlet, opened its second store in The Bridges, Sunderland, since getting it’s claws into Newcastle’s Eldon Square earlier this month.

This is the seventh store opening in the North, with ambitious plans for 20 more stores opening in the next three years.

Mike Davis, Tiger franchise owner for the North, is confident the Sunderland store will be a success as the Eldon Square brand sold out of almost all stock within a matter of days: “Last week in Newcastle, I went in and said, ‘Where’s the hobby department gone?’ and it’s gone, there’s nothing, it’s just blank shelves, we just didn’t buy enough stock.”

Saying that, they’ve made sure the new store has enough to last through its debut period in The Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland.

Tiger store

Andy Bradley, Centre Director for the Bridges, said: “This is a hugely exciting time for the Bridges and we are really excited to have Tiger on board.  With more new stores also arriving, we hope to offer visitors even more choice when it comes to this year’s Christmas shopping.”

Mike expresses his hopes for the store: “We’re very hopeful of success here in Sunderland. It suits the market and they’re desperate for new fun brands as so many fashion brands keep going bust.”

Tiger brings something different to the table, with lots to offer from stationery to kitchenware, to gadgets and fashion. It’s all very retro, but it sells and it sells well.

In three words, Mike describes Tiger as: “Magical, Value, and Fashionable,” which truly sums up the store, as without it’s quirky style and good value for money, it would just be another bargain store.

“The whole ethos is, a bit of a cliché actually, but it’s about having fun. We’re not corporate at all,” Mike added.

It really works in their favour that the Tiger products are so individual, especially over the Christmas period as their merchandise are trendy and innovative at affordable prices – perfect for the gift-giving season.

Tiger Candles



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