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Since it started in 2003, Movember has become a worldwide movement that prides itself on raising the awareness of men’s health. Basically it involves Mo Bros growing a moustache throughout the month of November. The aim of the moustache is to raise money and to get men talking about their health while raising awareness of certain diseases, in particularly prostate cancer.

However, as most men know, growing and styling a moustache is anything but simple. It is important to avoid patchiness and keep it neat and tidy at all times. Year on year we see Mo Bros overcome the difficulties posed by Movember and pull off an exceptionally cool moustache.

We spoke to Liam Jennings, co-founder of Regal Gentleman, who gave us his top tips on growing and maintaining a stylish moustache throughout the month.

First things first though, it is the golden rule that you are clean shaven to start the month. So here’s our top tips on a clean shave:

1) Start by applying a warm towel to the face for 2-3 minutes. This will open up the pores.

2) Apply a pre shave product to make the razor glide and avoid unwanted cuts and razor burn. We recommend the D.R.Harris Pre Shave lotion.

Pre Shave

3) Use a shaving brush to apply shaving cream to lift the hairs. A great shaving cream will make the shaving experience so much more effective. We’d recommend the Taylor of Old Bond St Badger Brush & Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

Shaving brush

4) Finish off the shave with an aftershave balm. We’d recommend the Sothys Aftershave Balm, exclusively available at Regal Gentleman.


Now you are all set for the ‘tache growing challenge that lies ahead, but as Regal Gentleman pointed out: “Getting products for this will all depend on the length of ‘tache growth. Not all men will grow a Tom Selleck in 30 days.”

For those who are follicle endowed, wax is a must. Wax can help you achieve numerous looks such as the handlebar moustache, which is a very popular look throughout Movember.

Regal Gentleman recommend:

Captain Fawcett Ylang Ylang Moustache Wax. “For the chaps that plan on keeping a beard after Movember the Brighton Beard Company Moustache and Beard Wax.”

Tasche Wax

It’s all fun and games styling your moustache but don’t forget to keep your moustache clean. For the cleaning of your ‘tache Regal Gentleman recommend:

“Mr Natty FFS Beard Shampoo to keep the moustache clean. Use 1-2 times a week for best results. It’s also great for those who will keep up the ‘tache and turn it into a full grown beard.”


And finally, Regan Gentleman tell us three key tips for achieving the ultimate pristine moustache:

1) Stay patient – Not all mens taches grow in the same way.

2) Unwanted hairs can always be trimmed with a pair of hair scissors.

3) Use a moustache comb for styling.

For any more helpful hints and tips throughout the moustache growing month visit the Regal Gentleman website of follow them on Twitter @RegalGentleman.

May your upper lip hair live long and prosper!


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