Tried and tested: Reverse hair washing (1)

Our beauty editor, Megan Goodwin, explains how this strange beauty trick actually helped her hair.

When I first heard of the “reverse washing” craze I honestly thought it meant washing your hair upside down or something! In fact, it’s actually much simpler than that; conditioner before shampoo.

I have always had rather thin and limp hair which used to get greasy so quickly! I remember washing my hair, blow-drying it and it would still look greasy, which then led to a habit of over washing my hair and creating more harm than good. One hairdresser told me that I was using too much conditioner, another said I was using styling products on too high of a heat setting; so what was the problem?!

I stumbled across an article on reverse washing that explained that reverse washing means your hair still gets all the moisturising benefits of using conditioner but you’re not left with that horrible greasy feeling that often happens.

No need to buy fancy, expensive, high end products, the shampoo and conditioner you use at the moment will be fine.

That night I gave it a go, it was weird to say the least. After consciously ‘shampooing and conditioning’ for years I found myself really having to think about what I was doing. Conditioner, leave on for five minutes, rinse, THEN, shampoo.

When I blow-dried my hair, I used a medium to low heat setting, and I was so impressed with the result! My hair felt clean and healthy, instead of heavy with product. I have used this technique ever since, and my hair can now go four day without needing to be washed. (Don’t judge, that’s not dirty, it’s actually better for your hair!)

Give it a go the next time you wash your hair and see what difference it makes to you.


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