What do Sunderland men think of new make-up collection, ‘Formen’?

So it seems the latest trend for men is make-up… We don’t mean full on false eyelashes or anything, but a bit of discrete cover up for skin blemishes here and there. One brand that has been particularly popular is Formen Makeup.

But instead of just another new trend you would see on social media, we wanted to see what real men actually think of the brand and men’s make-up in general. So we took to the streets of Sunderland to see what local young men thought and we got a few responses back…

Charlie Turnball, 20, said: ” I think obviously make-up is associated with girls and because of that men who wear it might carry the stereotype of being quite feminine. I think if people want to wear it then they should be able to. [However] I would have absolutely no idea how to use it, where to put it or what each thing does!”

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Ben Smith, 21, said: “I think that it is fine for guys to wear make-up. If that’s what they want then it’s okay and the same with women. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with it myself but I’m sure some guys would. It definitely seems to be a growing market and a trend, not sure if it will stick around or last.”

Christopher Barrass, 19, said: “I personally think that makeup for men is unnecessary and that there is a big social no-no about it. As I used to be in a theatre group I have worn stage make-up before so would know what to do with it. I think that the prices of those particular products are far too high for the quantity received – even excluding shipping costs.”

James Price, 18, said: “I don’t agree with make-up regardless whether it’s for men or women, I personally think everyone should just be natural.”

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