10 apps every fashionista needs on their phone

From understanding fashion lingo to making your Instagram pictures come alive, these apps are essential for any fashion girl (or boy) with an iPhone for a limb. Make these additions to your home screen your fashion first aid kit, they’re all bound to be a life saver at some point.


The Hunt
Exchange style advice, share shopping tips and discover new trends whilst sharing photos on 'The Hunt'. Post photos of anything you love to do with beauty and fashion, and the 'community' on the forum will help you find cheaper alternatives or the best place to buy. You can ask the community for opinions on outfits or browse through and give your own. You can also create your own wish list of items that you would like to buy.
Vogue Runway
This app gives you unlimited access to fashion shows going on around the world. It's a quick and easy way to keep up to date with your favourite brands. Find out the latest ready-to-wear, couture and pre-fall shows. Access to reviews and runway reminders are all featured throughout this app making it incredibly user friendly.
The best place to find fashion inspiration. Creating mood boards is made easy by collaborating different styles, seasons and colours. If you're ever in need of styling advice or inspiration for a fashion story, head to Pinterest first.
FAD (The ultimate fashion dictionary)
Ever struggle to understand fashion lingo? If you're not sure what that 'little thingy part of the shirt' is called then this app is a life saver. Search for any material, any word or any garment and this app will show you everything that is fashion related to your search. Priced at £2.99 this app is a complete must-have.
Snap Fashion
Do you ever struggle to find a matching bag the exact same colour as your shoes? Or want a shirt in the exact nude shade of that cushion? This app allows you to photograph a certain colour or shape and filters hundreds of items that match the colour/shape you were looking for and where to buy them.
The creative way to make your Instagram come alive, create small, fun videos that loop back and forward and share them to your Instagram page. Boomerang is becoming increasingly popular with everyone including celebs. So don't miss out on the latest Instagram trend; just jump on the bandwagon and blow a kiss to the camera!
All of your favourite magazines all in one place. A simple and easy way to browse through all your favourite weekly and monthly magazines. Readly is a server that allows you to read and download several magazines at once on up to 5 different devices with a subscription. An organised way to keep up to date with news, fashion and culture.
Probably the most exciting and cheap way to shop online, the 'sophisticated eBay'. Buy and flog old and new garments, accessories and art and design your stylish online shop whilst you're at it. An easy way to get your hands on unusual items.
Again this is an obvious one, however Polyvore is the perfect place to create outfit ideas and to style your own looks. On top of this you can shop for products from top retailers and effectively buy your outfit inspiration.
An obvious download of course, however it has to be the most important. A forum full of fashion, food, beauty and culture at your fingertips. Happy stalking!

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