10 fashion trends we hope to never see again

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I’ve grown up through two decades and am quickly getting through my third. I remember so many trends that have come and gone and there are certain trends that I hope to never see again.

Some trends will always come back around but some can be stopped. Heres 10 trends that we at Fashion North, hope to never see again:

1. Bucket Hats. They will forever be known as the fedora of rap and that’s not a good a thing. LL Cool J couldn’t make it happen. Rihanna couldn’t make it happen. Lets just quit trying to make it happen.


2. Men’s undercuts. Not even Nick Carter could make this cut work again.


3. Wearing every item of clothing possible regardless of whether it matched or not.

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4. Dungarees. Not cute on anyone.

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5. Nerd Glasses. If you don’t need glasses why wear them?

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6. Butterfly Clips. The only look achieved with butterfly clips is that of a dinosaur.


7. Crimped hair. We all love volume but there are so many better ways to get it.

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8. Wearing ties. Because you’re a rebel and totally unique and your tie reflects.


9. Any look from any season of The Simple Life.

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10. Any of the clothes featured in the first 6 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim K might be one of the biggest style icons at the minute but rewind 10 years and you’ll be horrified.

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