10 lunar inspired items you’ll love


Last night (Thursday October 23) saw a meteor shower  light up the night sky above Edinburgh, as the cosmic dust from Halley’s Comet hit the Earth’s atmosphere.

The meteor shower happened because Earth passed through debris left by the 1986 Halley’s comet, which only appears every 75 years. On October 6, the moon turned a beautiful burnt red as the moon passed the shadow of the Earth.

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with fashion or beauty, but here at Fashion North we couldn’t help but become fascinated with the solar system – so we went looking for lunar inspired items.

And don’t worry, if you missed these events the lunar eclipse was only the second in a sequence of four – which are occurring every six months. The next one is expected to appear on April 4, 2015 and the final one on September 28 2015, so keep your eyes peeled.


1) Moon Collar Clips – Ladybird Likes Etsy, £16.00, Calling all avid Dr Who Fan’s out there!

These are the Moon Collar Clips that were worn by Jenna Coleman (aka Clara Oswald) at the beginning of the new series. They are the definition of adorable and really pop on any shirt, whether it be dark or light.

2) If I Could Give You the Moon, necklace – Electric Eccentricity, £120

This item may be costly but my, oh my, I think any space fans out there will agree – it is worth it! Talk about wanting a piece of the moon. With this piece of vintage inspired jewellery you can carry a piece of the moon round with you.

3) Phase Crescent Moon EarringsElectric Eccentricity, £12.00.

These statement earrings have a gorgeous edge to them with beautiful detail. The falling stars, dangling from the moon makes them a statement piece.


4) Alien Crop TopThe Fashion Prescription, £19.00.

This is the cutest little alien crop top ever (in my opinion). It’s perfect to team up with high waisted jeans for a peculiar yet casual, cool look.

5) Zodiac Glitter eye shadowLime Crime, $13.00.

Lime Crime do unusual and creative make-up. The Zodiac Glitter captures the beautiful colours of space perfectly. You can use them as a subtle eye shadow, or really grab that futuristic look. There is a different colour for each Zodiac sign, so why don’t you look yours up? You might like what you find.

6) Space Girl Bath Bomb Lush, £2.35

Experience deep space from your bath. With this space dust filled bath bomb, the experience may as well be as good as. The grapefruit oil refreshes and uplifts your mood, tones the skin, whereas the bergamot chills you out.


7) Shoot For The Stars Bath BombLush, £3.50.

Picture the colours of the night sky swirling around your bath tub and you have this bath bomb in a nutshell. Just like a shooting star, this bomb leaves a trail of quicksilver behind it as it dispenses multiple colours as it fizzes.

8) Star Light, Star Bright Bath MeltLush, £3.50.

All you need to do it crumble this little star under running bath water and – forget about space – you may as well be in heaven. Your bath will be transformed into a sparkly sea of turquoise and the coconut oil in it will nourish your skin, making it feel beautifully soft.

9) Wooden Moon RingKayleigh Falcus, £12.99.

This piece of fashion forward jewellery screams tasteful. Not only does its wooden appearance give it a hint of vintage but its laser cut finish combines modern edge.

10) Authentic Lo Pro ShoesVans, £50

Who doesn’t love Vans? No, let me rephrase it – Who doesn’t love galaxy printed Vans? You just need to look at them and you’ll fall head over heels. They’re vibrant, fashionable and downright essential to any space lover’s wardrobe.


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