Fashion North goes to Newcastle’s John Lewis NARS beauty counter


As your beauty editor I thought in the run up to Christmas I’d see what the north east’s beauty counters have to offer. Checking out their Christmas gift sets and looking at products you might just want to treat yourself with. This week was the turn of the NARS beauty counter in John Lewis, Newcastle.

Lets face it, who doesn’t love getting their make-up done? And I for one love the NARS products; I always regard them as the beauty brand I go to for a precious beauty treat (partly because of their price tag).

As I take my seat at the NARS counter it feels so glamorous, all the attention is on me. Pallets, brushes, lotions and potions everywhere, it’s exactly what every girl dreams of.

The beautiful women strutting around in their heels, picking up mysterious looking products, all in black with their luscious blonde hair, rosy cheeks and dark eyes. I say a little prayer; make me look like you. Please.

Sophie, the make-up artist, is beautiful, friendly and so down to earth, which as weird as it sounds it surprised me. I think I speak on behalf of other girls when I say make-up artists on beauty counters are scary. They look pristine, and often you feel like they look through you and your £7 high street foundation. But how wrong I was.

Sophie chose a smokey eye look for me. Looking through a NARS make-up 101 with me and uses the Tatar Eye Paint, Subra Eye Shadow, Ondine Eye Shadow, Callisto Eye Shadow, Night Bird Eyeliner, Deep Throat Blush, Anna Lipstick from the new Audacious collection and finally the Belize Lipgloss to create a gorgeous dark smoky eye look. I couldn’t quite believe how many products went into creating a smokey eye. But I absolutely loved it.


I stayed for a little bit and looked at their other products, as well as admiring the counter itself. Obviously catching my refection in each mirror to view my wonderfully smokey eyes. When I left the store I felt like a new woman (yes some eyeshadow can do this to you). I felt empowered, brave, determined, uplifted, like nothing could bring me down. I felt like a NARS girl.

The sample product I chose was the Deep Throat blush, I thought it looked great on my skin and I can’t wait to add it to my daily routine. If you have a NARS promotion card, you can get a free makeup consultation, either for a smoky eye, pout or complexion make-up look as well as a free sample products, getting the choice of a lip-gloss, blush, eyeliner and primer.

As I promised, when I was at the NARS counter I checked out the Christmas products and spoke to the NARS girls about the different products, so for all you people who want to give the gift of NARS this year here’s some items to look out for:

Nars Products

1) Laser Cut Eye Lip Cheek Palette. 

Contains; 3 shades of Hardwired Eye shadow, a new formulation in limited edition shades, created exclusively for the NARS Laced with Edge Holiday Collection, Day Dream Blush, Laguna Bronzing Powder and the Dolce Vita Lip Gloss. £35

2) Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette.

Contains Laguna Bronzing Powder and mini Contouring Brush. £39

3) Modern Roman Holiday Lip, Cheek and Nail Set.

Contains eye shadow, blush and lip-gloss in the shade Roman Holiday £30

Fun Fact: Every year, NARS sells the weight of a Lamborghini in their Orgasm blusher.


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