10 make-up hacks to get you through the winter

makeup hacks

Winter has set in, there’s no denying it, and while we’re all running out to finish our Christmas shopping it’s easy to forget about yourself. Winter is possibly the worst season for skincare, your skin can become dry, cracked and sore, it’s easy to neglect your skin over winter especially when you can’t afford to buy new skincare products. If this sounds familiar then don’t worry, we’ve come up with 10 make-up hacks that will get you through winter without spending more money.

1) Apply Vaseline to your wrists and neck before putting on perfume to make the scent last longer, and if your skin is sensitive to perfume this can help a little.

Number 1; perfume and vaseline

2) For dry skin problems, mix your foundation with a moisturiser to create your own (free) tinted moisturiser.

Number 2; tinted moisturiser

3) Use an old mascara wand to tame eyebrows. It saves money and is really effective.

Number 3; tame eye brows copy

4) Apply under eye concealer in a triangle shape instead of a half-moon shape; this will make the coverage better.

Number 4; Concealer copy

5) If you’re lazy when taking your make-up off at night, store your make-up wipes and a hand mirror in your bedside cabinet.

Number 5; wipes and mirror

6) Dip Q tips or cotton buds into nail polish remover to clean up nail polish mistakes. If you use toilet roll it breaks into pieces and often smudges your polish more.

Number 6; tidy up nails

7) Stick body tape into the outer corners of your eyes when applying eye shadow or liquid eyeliner to achieve a perfect straight line.

Number 7; body tape trick copy

8) Spray hairspray onto Bobby pins for a better hold. It stops your hair becoming matted and full of hairspray (in other words means you don’t have to wash it everyday).

Number 8; Better hold bobby pins

9) Make sure that you use up all of your favourite mascaras, put them in a cup of hot water to shift clumps or dry product in the tube.

Number 9; use up mascara

10) Before you buy a full size perfume, ask for a sample in the store. This will give you the chance to wear the perfume for a couple of days, instead of trying it on in the store and having to decide there and then if you like the fragrance. It also means you can save money and still smell great. Yippee.

Number 10; perfume samples


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