12 days of Christmas: four calling birds – fleeky phone cases for your new mobile

If you have any kind of anxiety about protecting your new phone, you need a case.

Why should you settle for a bleak one from the pound shop? Your phone case should reflect your personality and individual style – make your phone your next fashion accessory.

We’ve pulled together the best phone accessories and cases from four brands to not only make your phone cool and fashionable but also to make your ‘elfies’ better.

Click on the images to send you straight to the websites.

Skinnydip London

The only thing you’ll be guilty of is a cool case. GUILTY CASE – £14.00

Fall in love with your phone all over again. CHERUB CASE – £14.00















Protect your cable with this pooch.
Typo – £3.50

This case will always be there for you.
TYPO – £15.00

















You’d be barking mad to not get it.
Jolly Corgis – £15.00

Monica, Phoebe and Rachael approved.
I’ll Be There for You – £16.00













Urban Outfitters

Let your personalty bloom.
Buncha Flowers – £15.00

Match your phone to your sneaks. Adidas Canvas – £20.00















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