15 problems that face people who wear glasses

beyonce glasses

I love my glasses, I wear them everyday and couldn’t imagine not wearing them, but for those of you out there who don’t wear glasses, the following points will make you understand what it’s truly like to wear them- and the chore that it actually is!

1) You can’t see your eyes on photos of you as the flash reflects off your lenses

1. flash reflects

So annoying, you spent ages doing your make-up and for what?

2) Showers

2. showers

You can’t see anything clearly, mix up the shower gel with the conditioner and miss all the important spots when trying to shave.

3) Roller Coasters


Either wear them, and spend the whole ride worrying that they’re going to fall off your face never to be seen again. Or, you don’t wear them- shyly leave them with the roller coaster operator and feel sick the whole ride as it’s a blur.

4) 3D glasses

4. 3d glasses

They’re a good idea- if you don’t wear glasses. Oh the shame in sitting through a 3D film or show with the 3D glasses on top of your original glasses.

5) Prescription Sunglasses

cara glasses

You look like a bit of an idiot wearing them inside.

6) Rain


The bane of our glasses-wearers lives! If you’re caught outside when it’s raining, you know in a few seconds you won’t be able to see out of your lenses- it’s just common knowledge.

7) Fog


Walking into a hot place after being in a cold place and your glasses fog up- we’ve all been there.

8) Mornings

8. mornings

No one sleeps in their glasses, that would just be way too uncomfortable, instead, we all experience that awful feeling of not being able to see anything the moment we wake up, that is, until we find our trusted glasses and put them on.

9. The fact that clear lenses exist

miley cyrus

We all hate the fact that people choose to wear clear lenses for fashion- it’s just not allowed.

10) Forgetting where you put them

10. forgetting where you put your glasses

This no doubt always happens, you have a mad few minutes where you’ve forgotten where you’ve put your glasses and most times out of ten, they’re probably on your head.

11) The Ever-Changing Prescription

 new prescription

Ok, so it’s changed for what feels like 100 years now- can it not just stop already?

12) Having to buy new frames/ lenses

12. buying new frames/lenses

Not only must opticians think us fellow glasses-wearers are millionaires, it’s just an unnecessary hassle, and an expensive hassle at that.

13) Needing to take them off to clean them


Being extremely embarrassed as you quickly clean them on the bottom of your t-shirt hoping nobody saw you do it.

14) Readjusting them

alex turner glasses

Every. Five. Seconds. Who knew our noses were so slippery?

15) When people ask you if they can try them on

15. how about no

The dreaded, most annoying question ever. How about no?


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