5 emotional stages girls go through when applying false eyelashes

Ladies, we’ve all been through the eyelash application sitch, and if you’ve managed to get your lashes on point in one attempt then we are totally in awe of you. Here are the top 5 false eyelash struggles that every girl can relate to.

Getting them out of the packaging

A challenge for many of us as we pray that we don’t end up ripping the lash strips in half while pulling them from the plastic palette. The panic is followed by a sigh of relief as we successfully manage to set them free without completely ruining them



Cutting the lashes to fit your actual eyes (oh dear, scissors)

Ok, don’t panic, it can’t go too wrong can it? Cue the Jaws theme tune going round and round in your head as the scissors get nearer to your false eyelashes. That little snip can either make or break your whole eye make-up routine.


Now for the glue

When you try and apply the glue around the lash line but it actually ends up running down the whole of the lash strip, you start to wonder why you ever bothered in the first place. Don’t give up now, we’re almost at the final hurdle. We can do this!


Feel the burn

These are words that we normally say to ourselves while at the gym, however we are now in the bathroom having a one man battle with some synthetic eyelashes. The glue has started to set, and we are preparing ourselves for the intense burn our eyeballs are about to endure for around 10-15 seconds while we press the lashes down to secure them. The pain will be worth it when we’re looking on fleek.



The lashes are on and now it’s just down to making those last little adjustments with the tweezers to get them in the right position. Now to cover up those little imperfections with one of life’s essentials, black liquid eyeliner, lots of it.

With your make-up complete, it’s time to head out! Just make sure you remember your eyelash glue, incase of emergencies!


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