OMG… is Hillary Clinton Beyoncé’s number 1 style icon?

An unlikely duo, but the Queen of Pop and the self-proclaimed “pantsuit aficionado” Hillary Clinton have more in common than you think. Here we’ve put together 5 times Beyoncé and NYC’s Secretary of State have been #twinning !

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's Hillary Clinton in a bright orange pant suit!
Swapping out the shirt and covering her cleavage, Beyonce clearly loves Hillary's style
All smiles with Hillary in blue
Beyonce and Jay Z at the NBA final
Another classic Hillary outfit!
Rocking both a fringe and a pant suit, Beyonce looks fab in marroon
Isn't she just a ray of sunshine
Queen B in yellow, just like Hillary
Hillary struts her stuff in bright red
She might've missed the trouser-memo but Queen B is rocking the Red on stage



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