5 ways To enhance your make-up look

Day to day, a lot of us can get into a mundane routine with our make-up look. It’s probably due to the alarm going off at 7am, and in reality we know that going for the easy option is usually always the safest.

For days when we’d like to experiment, there are a few very simple but effective ways of switching up our everyday make-up routine and trying new things that will add that little extra something. Here’s how:

Line your lips


A lot of people think the concept of lining their lips is something they’d see their gran do and feel like it’s an old-fashioned makeup trick. It may be old-fashioned, but it’s also a good one. Choosing a lip liner to suit your natural lip colour and penciling around the shape of your mouth can aid the lipstick you apply afterwards from bleeding and smudging. If you like you can actually use lip liner in place of a lipstick as it’s guaranteed to stay in place a lot longer. However, many lip liners can be slightly drying so make sure to add some clear balm or a lip gloss after application and it will keep your pout flake-free. We recommend the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip liners (£2.99, available at Boots or Superdrug).

Contour your cheekbones


Contouring is an artistic makeup technique and one that needs plenty of practice, but once you nail it you’ll never go back. The first vital step is to find a contour shade that will look as natural as possible and blend it evenly against your skin tone. The key is to opt for a shade that is shimmer-free and completely matte, as this is likely to look most natural. Apply the contour colour in the hollows of your cheeks just below the cheekbones and watch as the powder gives an effortless sculpting effect. We recommend the Sleek Face Contour Kit (£6.49, available at Boots or Superdrug).

Shade your eyebrows


It’s important to remember that shading in your eyebrows doesn’t mean penciling them in and making yourself look like a drag queen. As long as you have the best products for you and know what you’re doing, you’ll be on the right lines to achieving an eyebrow look that’s simple and just a little enhanced. If you have fairly sparse eyebrows that could benefit from some help, then softly brushing through a powder can make a very big difference in a matter of seconds. Pencil eyebrow products can often look more artificial than opting for a powder, so it’s wise to consider this when making your purchase.

For a cheap option we recommend the MUA Eyebrow Kit (£3.50, available at Superdrug), or for a luxury option the Anastacia Brow Powder (£17, available at cultbeauty.co.uk) is a good one too.

Highlight your high points


Highlighting is a step rarely any of us think about when it comes to make-up application and often many people have never even heard of this trick. Applying a neutral-toned shimmer powder to the high points of our faces such as our eyebrow bones and cheekbones allows the natural light to bounce off the face and look sparkly and elegant. In general it just adds something a bit different to an everyday make-up look and achieves a very naturally pretty appearance. We recommend the Natural Collection ‘White Opal’ eyeshadow to do the job (£1.99, available at Boots).

Shadow your bottom lash line


Of course eyeshadow is typically applied to mainly our eyelids, upper lash line and inner tear duct area, but for a smoky dark effect that brings a bit of an edge to your look it can also be applied to your lower lash line too. By adding your eyeshadow colour of choice to this area it can really help to make your natural eye colour stand out and amps up the glamour of your make-up look. We recommend any of the Sleek I-Divine palettes (£7.99, available at Boots or Superdrug).


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