7 original Father’s Day presents to suit every personality

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we’ve complied a list of unique, and fun gifts to suit every dad personality.

1. The Creative:
From you to me book, £11.95, prezzybox.com
A book with questions about your dad’s life on each page, with spaces for him to fill in and add photos. The book can the be returned to you to treasure. If you’re looking for a personal present with sentimental value this is the one.

2. The DIY Obsessed:
Personalised hammer, £20, notonthehighstreet.com
For the dads who are always fixing things; this present will definitely be appreciated and probably come in handier than the No.1 Dad mug he has already has three of. Just type in whatever you want it to say, click buy, and voila!

3. The Joker:
Sandal socks, £4.95, prezzybox.com
Is your dad always winding you up? Get some revenge with these hilarious socks. Now he can rock the always-stylish sandal and sock look even in the colder months.

4. The Party Animal:
Strobing beer glass, £5.95, prezzybox.com
A pint glass with added strobe light, need we say more? If your dad is the life of the party and loves to be the centre of attention, this is the perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

5. The Forgetful Dad:
Scribble writing alarm clock, £12.95, prezzybox.com
This clock is ideal for the forgetful or extremely busy dad who needs a morning reminder with his alarm. A practical gift that will help him get his life together.

6. The Daredevil:
Tandem Skydive, £199, Asda
Asda’s website has a huge range of activities that would make original and unforgettable Father’s Day gifts, but for anyone who has an adventurous and daring dad that they want to give a special treat the tandem skydive is a must have.

7. The Groomer:
Personalised man comb with leather case, £35, notonthehighstreet.com
Another personalised gift for anyone who takes pride in their appearance. This would also make a great gift for granddads.

Words: Bethan Mccoy


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