London Collections: Men – Maharishi SS16

World religion became the focal point for Maharishi’s spring summer 2016 collection, drawing inspiration from religious dress codes such as Judaic prayer strings, Knights Templar capes and Buddhist monk’s robes.

Maharishi combined religious clothing into their traditional looks of military wear of combat trousers, long line shirts with covered buttons; creating a seamless flow across the front of the garment, and the current trend bucket hats, with extra fabric at the rear, which I can see a solider wearing in the desert to protect them from the suns rays.

The colours used within the collection also lend themselves to religion iconography; as intense golden browns outlined countries on a stark white jumper and a single purple outfit created into a long sleeved shirt with matching knee length shorts, both colours used within the Roman Catholic traditions. The use of orange within the collection lends itself to Thai Buddhist monks, with the colour being incorporated into Bonsai camouflage print anchoring back to Maharishi’s military roots, the design was worked onto T-shirts, hooded capes, sweatpants and jumpers.

One of the highlights of any Maharishi collection is the use of embroidery and his collection is no different, with the reverse of a Tour Kimono Jacket combining sportswear with traditional Asian styles. The reverse detail outlined the world’s countries with the text Maharishi Pangaea Proxima World Tour.

The collection utilised the use of military helmets, army fatigue jackets and shorts in desert camouflage tones. The caramelised tones worked into a suede jacket and tied wide-legged combat trousers, which from the rear gave off the impression of a full-length robe.

Maharishi have been praying at the alter of religion for inspiration for next spring summer, and if this is what those two seasons have in store for fashion, then I’m a convert.


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