Back to School: Stationary and Accessories 2017

Back to school atmosphere is in the air and we are here to get you ready for the fresh school-college-university September start!



Notebooks. Can you ever have enough of them? There is a never ending amount of designs and variations to pick from. We love florals, slogans, marble and holographic for this season!

Untitled #54


You Can and You Will Notebook
£5.57 –

Marble 2018 Planner
£13 –



Everyone needs some of these cute slogan pencils in their life! Whether you are more of a ‘Like a boss’ or ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ kinda girl, you will love these. Also we can’t forget an adorable fluffy pen, that will brighten up your mood every time you find it in your pencil case.

Untitled #55


Ebony pencil




Laptop stickers are an easy way to transform your old-normally boring laptop into its better stylish version!

iCasso Leaves Removable Vinyl Decal Sticker Skin for Apple Macbook Pro...


Floral Macbook Skin


Tech accessory
White Marble MacBook Skin,

Don’t forget to stay hydrated during the long days of lectures and seminars. A charming cup will make keeping up with your daily water intake more enjoyable! rose cup with straw




And finally backpacks. Choose the right one and it will last you for the whole year, and even longer! Size matters; consider how many books, snacks and how much make-up you are planning on carrying in it when you’re shopping for one.

Denim Drawstring Backpack Blue


Dance Marvel blue backpack
£31 –


Women Backpack, Womail Girl School Student Leather Daypack Rucksack Bag


Leather rucksack
£5.78 –


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