Be bold: How to rework tights into your wardrobe

Every girl needs the fashion staple of eye-catching tights in her top draw. From natural, neon and embellished, there are no limits when it comes to the reinvention of tights for the new season.

Here is Fashion North’s guide to some of the most iconic, yet questionable, outfits which incorporated tights and how you can wear them in 2018 and beyond.

2007 was the time for tights. We had Blair Waldorf and Hayley Williams.


Who could forget Hayley Williams’ tights from the Misery Business video? All like-minded Paramore fans (including myself) instantly took to Google desperately trying to find the loudest, colour-clashing pair. Thankfully my mam refused to pay the overpriced shipping charges from America, as much as I tried to convince her that clothing from Hot Topic would be worth it.

Fictional upper-east-sider Blair Waldorf, styled by costume designer Eric Daman, had the ultimate wardrobe that made coloured tights work. As children, we wore tights of various colours that co-ordinated with our outfits and school uniform. So why is it that as adults we primarily opt for black? Of course, tights aren’t purely for fashion purposes: during winter in the UK, it’s absolutely freezing!

Rather than instantly reaching for black, why not try and incorporate a new colour; maybe opt for maroon or navy in order to ease yourself into the change. Ditch over-the-knee boots this winter and opt for hosiery instead.

Although it is tempting to buy yet another sequin, velvet or LBD dress for NYE it is undeniable that the majority of party dresses end up being worn only a handful of times, before collecting dust in our wardrobes. Tights can reinvent an old, forgotten party outfit, not only saving your coin but giving yourself an interesting twist.

Some of our favourite picks are from, an Italian fashion retailer and ‘the ultimate destination for tights, hosiery and beachwear’. The brand recently revealed on Instagram that model Jourdan Dunn is their UK ambassador and have became increasingly popular with fashion bloggers.

Animal Print
These tights will allow you to work the animal print trend whilst staying warm for just £11
Star print
Day or night these tights will add a festive touch to any outfit. £17
Thermal glitter
Possibly a flash back to your school disco but these glitter tights are thermal, which will make that taxi que more bearable. £17
Struggling for a NYE outfit? Reuse your LBD and add these rhinestone tights. £17





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