BLACKPINK talk fashion in new Netflix documentary ‘Light Up The Sky’

BLACKPINK have had quite the year. From dropping their debut album, aptly titled THE ALBUM in early October, to releasing house-influenced Sour Candy with Lady Gaga back in May, the all-female K-pop sensation show no signs of slowing down. To coincide with the release of their album, the South Korean-based group released a Netflix documentary titled Light Up The Sky on October 15th. The documentary is an inside look at the lives of the four members – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, who have released music as BLACKPINK since 2016 – and the girls talk everything from preparing to work in the music industry, to the struggles of living far from family in order to pursue a successful career.

From left: Lisa, 23, Jisoo, 25, Jennie, Rosé. Photo credits to

Interestingly, the girls also talk about fashion and what influences their style choices during a fitting for their upcoming album. Jennie, 24, said: “Preparing for a new album, that’s definitely fun, ’cause it’s like trying to come up with something new. Fittings like this is one of the biggest creative parts that we do.”

Rosé, 23, talked more in terms of fashion and expression: “It’s so hard to define style. I think fashion is really just international, the more that there aren’t any boundaries, I think that’s when you can get creative.”

It was also revealed that their styling choices are influenced by touring, as BLACKPINK are known for high-energy and fast-paced dance routines which many fans replicate in videos online. Because of this, outfits they wear onstage cannot be too tight, as Rosé discusses: “Since we do crazy choreography on stage, it all has to be engineered basically.”

Overall, BLACKPINK’s Light Up The Sky documentary is a must-watch for those interested in pop culture. It is an enticing inside look into the Korean pop music scene, and humanises the singers in a way never seen before.

BLACKPINK’s ‘Light Up The Sky’ documentary is available on Netflix worldwide now.

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