Dress Like Dietrich: Marlene’s iconic 1930s suit

Even 90 years on, the 1930s remains an important era in fashion for many reasons.  The decade was the first to showcase androgynous looks, where the femininity of the 1920s seemed far from the new gender-bend craze. Another increasingly popular look during this time were looks inspired by Hollywood glam, where glitzy attire dominated the fashion industry. For some stars, like the legendary Marlene Dietrich, these two iconic looks blended.

Known for her androgynous yet glam appeal, many aspired to dress like Dietrich due to her unusual look. An iconic outfit she donned was the suit, worn famously on the set of Morocco, a 1930 romantic drama starring Marlene, which at the time would appear outrageous for a woman to wear.

The beauty industry exploded as a result of this new look, where slender eyebrows and a dark lip were popular.  Dietrich’s wavy hair also added a feminine touch to the otherwise typically-masculine look.

So how does one recreate the pioneering look today that Dietrich is celebrated for?

A huge part of the look, the blazer and suit trousers, can both be found on PrettyLittleThing for a combined total of £53. The shirt, worn underneath, can be found for just £12.99 at H&M. Any pair of fancy black dress shoes would suit, although Clarks are currently selling a lovely pair for £79 online. For the fashion dedicated, top hats are available for £48 on hatsandcaps.co.uk for those willing to go that extra mile to dress like the iconic star.

A moodboard inspired by the legendary Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich sports her iconic suit on the set of 1930 film Morocco, photo courtesy of silverscreenmodes.com and Photofest


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