The 70s are back and better than ever, with boho making its grand entrance onto the runway and into stores.

The 70s was a defining decade in terms of fashion, from boho to punk to its flared jeans and iconic floral patterns that began to flourish over the ten years that continue to inspire the public today. They are making their way onto the runway and into shows again, such as the Givenchy ss22 show. With its new intriguing shapes and patterns, boho proves to be a popular choice of style for the summer of 2022.

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Currently, there are more Instagram accounts of influencers than ever emulating the traditional 70s style. With unique brands such as The Hippie Shake and Yesterday People, this is becoming easier to do as more people are beginning to dress like this, pairing floral tops with low waist flared jeans, firm favourites from 70s fashion. Yet recently, the boho style on the runway and within stores has seemed to move towards intriguing shapes and techniques such as crocheting while also keeping the same airy, light feel to it.

As an affordable option, websites such as ASOS and Boohoo sell lots of boho dresses, with coffee brown and burnt orange seeming to be influential colours in this style. But also, the technique of crocheting is becoming increasingly wearable within this style, creating a refreshing look. This is ideal for a music festival or even casual wear on a hot summer’s day. The new boho look is something that works for everyone, especially since there are so many ways to style the bohemian look.

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One way to style a boho outfit is with the pieces above. The crochet top gives a light and airy feel to the outfit. The skirt brings in the references to the iconic floral patterns of the 70s while also bringing in a colour palette that is very influential right now within this style. This outfit with some cowboy boots is perfect for a day out during the summer, keeping you cool yet stylish.

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As you can see, the boho look is becoming increasingly popular along the runway, appearing in shows such as Altuzarra and Givenchy SS22 with the clothes in mismatched colours and shapes, giving the pieces a kind of “hippy” and boho aura. This is becoming more evident in stores as evidenced above. The piece is eye-catching with its mismatched pattern and incorporates a bright orange shade into the garment, a colour that is currently very prominent in the boho style. As well as, it is flowy and gives off that light kind of free feel of the boho style.


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  1. April
    04/27/2022 / 09:29

    There’s a reason I’ve kept my “Vintage” clothes from the original Woodstock era

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