Bridges styling pod: Family Spring outfits

The theme for our styling pod challenge is family spring outfits, I took a look at some 2024 spring trends for men, women and children. I found that the look of this year for spring involves a lot of blazers, trench coats, floral dresses, blouses and baggy formal pants that are tight on the waist but spacious and bagged as they go down.

There is a lot of correlation between menswear and womenswear whereas kid’s wear is often simplified versions that are fitting for the age group, not too eccentric and colours being more vibrant and bold in comparison to the multiple different tones used in fashion for men and women.

For this style pod challenge at the Bridges, we were assigned the womenswear mannequin to style. Once we started searching through the stores, we noticed spring key looks were very apparent, giving us a lot of options to fit our criteria. We wanted to maintain the elements that are essential to a spring look and be a bit creative with our approach as there were a lot of dress choices but we wanted to style different bits and pieces instead of settling for a floral dress which is essentially just 1 garment.

The whole outfit worked well together as the colours were all picked to match and compliment each other as we couldn’t have cream/beige coloured pieces matched with vibrant greens and blues, we kept it very minimal as the outfits were meant to reflect family spring.

The garments were selected with the family look in mind, we liked the idea of keeping the formal spring look with elements of casual with the baggy tucked-in jersey shirt, unbuttoned shirt to show the necklace. These little changes turned something more so formal into something casual for spring while maintaining that look.

We selected the pants with the gold buttoned detail in mind as we wanted to highlight the jewellery, with it being essential in womenswear to compliment the femininity and add some elegance and class for a refined look. Jewellery really helps compliments facial features and highlights the body in ways that make outfits look better and more appealing as it gives some personality to the wearer. Pearls have always been a fan favourite and have never gone out of fashion, so they were a very good choice for the earrings, adding some elegance and class to the outfit.

The scarf has always been something that brings a spring aspect to any outfit, it’s the cherry on top of the outfit. It can be worn around to the shoulders to hang, wrapped around your neck tight or relaxed, it can even be worn over the head. There are many ways to style a scarf and it’s versatile for any occasion, the material can make all the difference but we chose a wool scarf as the outfit is rather light and picked the scarf in consideration for the potential change in weather and flexibility in style.

Silver is always a safe and popular choice as it stands out and shines in the of brighter days in spring, and highlights the collar bones and neck perfectly being a perfect fit for this style.

We chose a black bag to match the black shoes as the top layer of the outfits were mainly cream/beige, so in order to make the shoes stand out more we chose a black simple bag, to fit the simple design of the shoes we had selected.

The styling process went really well but we were initially worried that the outfit would not come together, but once we put the accessories on, like the scarf, the earrings and necklaces it all started to come together and look much better. We were very pleased with how it turned out in the end, it really shows that accessories and details make all the difference to an outfit shown by the gold buckles on the bag and the pearls that shine perfectly with the silver necklace making the whole outfit come together perfectly.

Garments/Accessories and prices with links.

Jersey shirt:Ivory £12 – Primark

Minimal shoulder bag black £10 – Primark

Black formal gold button trousers £19.99 – Select

Black and white wool scarf £12.99 – Select

Cream/grey trench coat £85 – Next

Black Loafer Shoes  £36 – Next

Silver Necklace £12 – Next

Pearl Earrings £16 – Next


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