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CATCALL are an independent feminist and female empowered clothing brand from the North East, who believe in equality for all women.

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From an idea in a twenty-something year old’s bedroom, through tears, laughter and a lot of handwork the launch of CATCALL finally arrived.

In an interview with Rachel Burn, the founder of CATCALL, she gave us an insight into the growth and characteristics of the fashion brand, here is what she had to say.

“For me, fashion was always close to my heart as it gave me the confidence in my teenage years to express my true self. It wasn’t until I reached my twenties I realised how much of an impact fashion could have on social matters as well as giving others mutual confidence.

“If someone feels good in themselves, we as a brand believe they will achieve great accomplishments, therefore, our aim is to empower our customers into making positive changes in the world.

“Body confidence, awareness of social issues and freedom of expression have all begun to grow through using social media, allowing brands such as CATCALL the opportunity to expand our businesses in the industry. Girls can now access fashion inspirations in minutes and build relationships with others and that’s all thanks to the increase of social media’s influence and brands such as ourselves.

“Fashion is literally at our fingertips and I wouldn’t have it any other way” she adds.

“Sustainability within fashion is on the rise, and it’s amazing. It’s great to see the younger generation being conscious of their decisions on the environment, although it is still an upward battle. I hope that eventually sustainability in fashion will become the norm.”

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T-Shirts are priced at £10 for the pink one and £15 for the white one. How can you not shop for these T-Shirts at these prices!

“The one take away I would like everyone to have of our brand is that we’re designed to bring light to issues relevant to young women. We give them permission to have fun with their style to give them the confidence that fashion gives to us, to make a difference every day.”

CATCALL are also working closely with Smart Works who are a charity based in Newcastle. On October 16 there will be a sustainable clothing sale held at the Newcastle University Students Union, promoting the positive impact of fashion through local independent businesses.

To find out more about the event please visit @smartworksncl on Instagram, and also check out other great events in which they will be holding over the next few months!

And as always, tell us what you think @Fashion_North.


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