Challenging stereotypical images of high-end fragrances

With the fragrance and beauty world stereotypically made for male or female, this shoot breaks down the boundaries of exactly that.

Although unisex fragrances are available, why can’t women wear a men’s aftershave and vice versa?

Mixing stereotypical representations of male and female fragrances in glossy ads.

This shoot also explores the traits that male and female glossy adverts have. Male shoots are usually dark, with props such as money, glasses, and use day-to-day products like razors and watches. To me, these represent power and masculinity — especially when there are pictures of naked females.

Women’s shoots don’t usually have the same representation. They usually consist of bright colours, flowers, makeup products and anything girly you can think of, because women tend to look at the overall look, not just at the product advertised.

A female perfume promoted by stereotypical male aspects of life e.g. money, the opposite sex, brains.

A male aftershave represented by female aspects such as beauty and makeup.

Hopefully this shoot portrays the future of glossy promo pics and that fragrances, beauty, education and empowerment can be for anyone and are not separated by sex.


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