Christmas Party Handbag Essentials

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The Christmas season is the busiest times of the year with everyone throwing parties to celebrate the joyful times ahead. Make sure you’re prepared with these Christmas party handbag essentials!

The Essentials:

No matter where you’re off to this Christmas always make sure there’s enough room in your bag for the essentials. These include your phone, house keys and money.

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There’s always time to top up your make-up during the evening, but don’t carry the entire contents of your make-up bag, just bring what will be most necessary; concealer, powder and of course your favourite lipstick.

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Mini perfume:

There’s always room for your handbag-friendly sized perfume to spritz to make sure your always smelling good! After all, you don’t want to be the one suffering in the jam packed stuffy venue do you?

Tip: If you don’t have a handbag size of your favourite perfume, ask in a perfume store if you can have a couple of samples, they are perfect for just a night out, free, and it gives you the chance to try out a new fragrance.

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Hair supplies:

Bring along any small hair supplies you might need make sure your locks are kept prim and pristine; hair grips, invisible hair ties and depending on the size of your bag and how much room is left, a mini hairspray.

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Compact mirror:

The next one goes without saying; a compact mirror! Just incase there’s no room in front of the bathroom mirror, you always have your own.

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Happy feet:

Trust me, those brand new shoes you bought might seem comfy at the time, however wait until you’re a couple hours into the night and you’ll be needing plasters and gel cushions for added comfort.

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Wardrobe malfunction kit:

If you have the room, bring some tape, clips and clear nail varnish to correct any wardrobe malfunctions. Even bring a spare pair of flats to change in the corner if painful feet are preventing you from partying the night away.

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The boring stuff:

Tissues, chewing gum/mints/portable phone charger/ID; all stuff you need but never want to pack.

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