River Island’s Design Forum announce collaboration with Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton's moodboard

Lou Dalton’s moodboard

Now in its ninth season, River Island’s Design Forum is to debut its newest menswear collaboration with modern designer, Lou Dalton.

For Spring Summer 2016 the high street store has teamed up with designer Lou Dalton, who is synonymous with her bold pattern and colour combination designs.

Launching early January, the 13-piece capsule collection will house a mixture of fabrics and styles such as paper weight nylon sleeves and zip details on a panelled long-sleeved shirt with ribbed collar, taking current sportswear/traditional constructed pieces into the 21st century.

The latest addition to River Island prestigious line of designers, such as Baartmans & Siegel, Christopher Shannon and James Long, has drawn inspiration from photographer Perry Ogden’s book, Pony Kids, and films such as Rat Catcher and The Selfish Giant. All of which have elements of working-class children and their relationship with workhorses within and a strong sense of nostalgia to them.

Other pieces within the collection are a navy blue mesh Mac with nylon sleeves and oversized zip-pockets, and a navy Twill blazer and trouser set. As well as a white mixed panelled shirt and grey mesh hoody with orange and navy panels.

The collection is out early January and priced £20-£150, so keep hold of your Christmas money guys, this is one collection you’re going to want to have a piece (or pieces) from!

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