Could fuschia be Spring/Summer 2017’s hottest trend?

Fuchsia could be the go-to shade for Spring/Summer 2017 after being included in a number of popular fashion houses collections.

Often given feminine connotations, the colour has been featured in many garments worn in the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows.

Popular fashion houses have incorporated this colour into their collections. Topshop have had fuchsia stiletto heels, while Valentino designed a high-neck, draping fuchsia dress and Balenciaga included fuchsia, spandex leggings on the catwalk to name a few.

Named after the flower of the same name, fuchsia is one of the brightest shades of pink and has many similarities with the colour magenta. The colour was first used in fashion in a dye named fuchsine in the 1800’s and has been in and out of fashion ever since.

This trend may soon be hitting the high street stores, but will the people of the North East be pretty in pink this season?

Mixed opinions have emerged about the return of such a bold and vibrant colour. Some shoppers at the Bridges in Sunderland said they would wear fuchsia coloured clothes whereas some disagreed because the colour is too bright.
Melanie Kyles, 26, founder and owner of the fashion accessory company Melanie Kyles and co-founder of The Fashion Lab in Newcastle said: “I think it kills two trends with one stone. I think ‘80s has come back and pink is massive at the minute and I suppose fuchsia is the pink of the ‘80s.”


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